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Do you want to get your holistic therapy business moving?


Is your head is full of ideas and no idea what to do first?


Are you feeling frustrated and a little bit stuck?

Sometimes you just need someone to talk you through it, share their knowledge, experience and expert tips to get you up and running.

Why not join me for a 1-1 power hour session?

A power hour is set around a specific problem you have, and need a step by step action plan for, I can help you find solutions in these specific areas…

Unclear with your vision?

Not sure what direction you want to go in with your business, does it feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back or constantly going off in different directions with no real results. Let’s get crystal clear clarity on your business vision!

Nightmare clients?

Are you attracting bad fit clients that just cause you headaches and take up more of your time than you’d like? Do you want to work out exactly who you want to work with and how you can attract them with ease? Let’s nail your niche together!

Let’s talk know, like and trust?

Let’s talk all about your client’s journey in getting to know you, like you and then trust you enough to hand over their pennies and put themselves in your expert hands!


Not sure where to advertise? What do you even say to clients when you do connect with them? Let’s talk about marketing strategies and content planning!

Pesky Mind Monkeys!

This is a biggy!! You wonder if you’re good enough? You wonder if you can really charge that much? You wonder if you can even do this business thing! Let’s talk about what’s really holding you back and turn I can not’s into I can absolutely do!

Products and income streams

What do you actually offer? Let’s talk how you can upsell, create packages, VIP packages and how to use networks and colorations to create amazing experiences for your clients!

Business numbers

I just love talking business numbers! Do you know what your key business numbers are and how to track them? If there is one area you absolutely have to have your finger on the pulse with it’s this! Let’s get comfortable talking numbers!

Non icky selling

One big thing I hear is, selling feels so icky and nasty! Selling is purely solving problems, we can talk about ways to sell with ease and enthusiasm to those clients that need your services the most!

Power hour sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes per session, you will receive a recording of our session and a follow up email from myself within 48 hours after the session.

Power hours are £97 per session, all ready to go? Just drop me an email and let’s get you booked in.

If there are other things you want help with, contact me so I can ensure I’m the right person to help you.

Sally xx


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