Well, how long is a piece of string?

There are so many factors to take into account before you would even begin thinking about answering this question, but there are some key things you should absolutely be doing to keep your diary bursting.

Only talk to your ideal client in all that you do and put out in the world.

Forget everyone else.

When you’re first starting out, this can make your bum clench thinking that you’re missing out on all those other potential clients.

However, you need to think like you’re a magnet.

You want your ideal clients to be drawn to you and then stick with you because you know exactly what they need and how you can help them.


What makes that ideal client think, “yep, today is the day I’m sorting out my shit”.

Is it because they are fed up with not being able to bend over and put their socks on in the morning?

Is it because they want to be a relaxed mum to be?

Is it because they want to sleep better and are sick of taking sleeping tablets?

Find the problem, the trigger – the thing that makes them contact you.

Talk about how you have the solutions to treat that specific person with their specific problem and what the outcomes are for them with your solutions.

Forget everyone else. Those people will know more people just like them. Your ideal clients also magnetically attract other people just like them. Your marketing will be super consistent and you‘ll become the go-to expert.

Once you’ve attracted those ideal clients, keep hold of them.

Listen to them always.  Work jointly to achieve their outcomes.  Never think that you know them better than they know themselves. What do they specifically want to achieve and how can you tailor your treatment to achieve that for them? Work together and make a treatment plan so that they’re going to get better results if they are on board.

In between sessions, keep in touch with them and follow up.  How are they getting on, any questions, any problems, giving them permission to say if things aren’t working as they were hoping and not having to wait until their next session.

Speaking of which, tell them when they should rebooking.  They look to you as the expert.

If they need to have treatments every two weeks to get the best results, tell them. They will then decide if that works for them. If you don’t say and they don’t ask, then there is no next appointment.

It’s a bit like going to the doctors being given some tablets and no instructions on how often you should be taking them.

Make it easy to rebook and tell them exactly how to do it. Be specific.

Remember when you were at school and didn’t want to be the one to put your hand up to ask for fear of feeling and looking stupid? Be clear on what they need to do, just because you know, doesn’t mean they do.

Ask for feedback regularly. If they are your absolute super-duper ideal client, then ask them for their views and opinions.

What do they love about what you do? Why will they only come to you and no one else? How has their life changed since they’ve been seeing you?

Use that feedback and show people with the same problems how you can help them.

Always outreach to new clients. Don’t ever rest on the fact that you will have enough clients for all your appointment slots. There will always be clients that come and go for so many reasons.

You have to market continually.  Marketing is a bit like a water pump. To get water you have to pump away really hard and fast get enough pressure to draw the water up so that it flows out, but once it’s flowing, you can steady your pace and it will continue to flow. But if you stop pumping altogether the pressure drops, the water stops and you have to go through that huge effort again to get water again.

Marketing does take time to get results. If you stop marketing and then suddenly lose clients for whatever reason, it will be a mad dash panic to market to attract new clients, which will probably result in gaps in your diary, crap marketing and taking your eyes off looking after the clients you do have.

So keep marketing. End of today’s analogy.

Always work consistently.

If you have taken the time to attract these perfect ideal clients and you are continually marketing then keep doing what you are doing and the wheel turning.

Humans are creatures of habit and love to predict what is going to happen.

It makes them feel safe, predictability affirms for them that where they are is where they are meant to be and it is comfortable.

If you always follow up 2 days after a session then do it.

If you always give an aftercare leaflet then give it every time.

If you always send out last-minute appointments on a Monday morning then keep doing it.

That’s not to say that you can’t tweak things if they are don’t quite work out the way they should be, it is your business after all. But let clients know in advance so it is not a surprise and don’t tweak too much too often. Too much change will make clients question if they are actually in the right place and reconsider their position. You want them to stay exactly where they are for as long as it’s right for them.

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Growth comes from consistency, if you continually work on these four areas you will book your holistic therapy business out.


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Sally xx